History of Kandelous  village

History of Kandelous  village

History of Kandelous  village :It is narrated in history that one day Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar was passing through this area when he came across gypsies working in metalworking, so he decided to call that area a nail maker. The village of Kandelous  has seen various civilizations in all different periods, including traces of BC civilization, pre-Islamic and post-Islamic Iranian civilization.

History of Kandelous  village

The nail-making area includes four villages named Gil Kola, Pide, Mirkla and Kandelous . This beautiful village is located between the valleys of Central Alborz and south of the Caspian Sea, and only those who have traveled to this region have seen its beauty.

Where is Kendall and where to access it?

History of Kandelous  village


Kandelous  is an old and beautiful village at a distance of 75 km from Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province, Kojoor region. If you plan to travel from Tehran to Kandelous , you must reach the Karaj-Chalous road. Kandelous  village is also 220 km away from Tehran. Once you have passed this route, you will reach a crossroads called Doab, which you should choose the route to Kojoor.

Take this route to the Chalous River Bridge and enter the asphalt road. Then follow the path that leads you to the beautiful and green village of Kandelous  according to the signposts. On the way to Kandelous , you will also see beautiful areas. Also, this summer is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

A trip to the beautiful village of Kandelous

One of the most attractive features of this beautiful village is the cleanliness of its passages and streets. Due to the numerous garbage bins that are placed in the passages of this area, it is very rare to see garbage on the ground. The healthy air, away from the pollution and crowds of the city center, the green landscapes, the paved sidewalks and a number of museums are among the attractive sights in this tourist complex.

This route is located in the valley of Zanos and the Kandelous  River flows near it. Walking in the alleys and back alleys of this amazing summer village takes the intelligence out of any tourist.

History of Kandelous  village

Also, old houses built with traditional architecture are the first thing that can attract the attention of tourists. It is interesting to know that the villas and houses of this village were not in the shape of apartments in big cities and still retain their old and beautiful texture. You may have seen such an old village with beautiful paving, houses with gabled roofs in less places. The facades of buildings are made of small wooden windows instead of large and reflective windows. Most of the houses are formed on the slopes of mountains and alleys with a gentle slope towards the slopes.

Kandelous  village Kandelous  tourist attractions

If you travel to Kendall, in addition to the stunning beauty of this area, you can visit other scenic areas and make a memorable trip for yourself. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of this summer with good weather is these spectacular and fun places.

kandelous Waterfall

At a distance of 5 km from Kandelous  village, there is a beautiful waterfall of 10 meters, which is known as Kandelous  waterfall. If you want to go to this waterfall, you will have about half an hour of walking ahead. This waterfall fills with water during the rainy season and takes on a multiplier beauty.

Demon Fountain in Kandelous

There are several mineral springs near the village of Kandelous , the largest of which is called Div Cheshmeh, which boils from the heart of the earth. Div Cheshmeh is located in a village called Astankrud village of Kojoor. If you drink a little water from this spring, all the fatigue of the path will be removed from your body and your soul will be polished. One of the reasons that surprised everyone is the coolness of the water of this spring, which is cooler in summer than in winter.

The plants and trees that have grown around this spring have increased the beauty of this spring a hundred times and have created a heavenly image for this region. It is worth mentioning that about 186 to 270 liters of water are extracted from this spring every second and it is used for agriculture and fish farming. It is worth mentioning that the depth of this spring is half a meter, its length is 5 meters and it is 3 meters wide.

Kondloosamzadeh village Fazl and Fazel Kandelous  village

It is a small tomb that is more than 100 years old and has created a calm and spiritual environment in the heart of this summer. The tomb of Imamzadeh Fazl and Fazel has a brick tower and a square that is located in the eastern part of Kandelous . Many tourists visit the tomb of Imamzadeh Fazl and Fazel while visiting this village.

Museum of Medicinal Plants in the village of Kandelous

In 1986, a place was built in Kendall for the cultivation, cultivation and production of medicinal plants, which is one of the most important places in this region. This museum produces vegetable oils as well as vegetable essential oils. One of the most important parts of this museum is an area of ​​10,000 square meters, which is known as the Botanical Garden. It goes without saying that many of the products of this plant museum are exported to different countries in the world.

Kendall’s Anthropological Museum

It is good to know that the first rural museum was built in Kandelous . The Anthropological Museum in a 2-storey building includes: manuscripts, manuscripts, old tools, theology, ornaments, historical documents, pottery of the Divan of Poems and contracts and coffee house paintings. Look in every corner of this museum, there are works of Mazandaran ethnic culture. There is no charge to visit this museum and it is free.

Kandelous  village Kandloos bath

Kandelous  bath dates back to the Qajar period. It is interesting to know this bath d The list of national monuments has also been registered. By stepping on this old building, it is as if you have traveled through time and gone many years ago. The beautiful architecture of this complex attracts the eyes of every viewer.

Khezr Nabi Lake in Kandelous

When you are on your way to Kandelous  village, a lake called Khezrnabi Lake catches your attention, which is about 30 km away from the village. The reason for naming this lake Khezr Nabi is that the villagers say that this lake is the crossing point of Hazrat Khezr Nabi and that is why it is named Khezr Nabi Lake.

Kendall’s customs

Kandelous  village, like many villages in Iran, has its own customs. One of these customs is related to the ceremonies that are held on the eve of the new year and is called Maj, which means to walk well.

To perform this ceremony, the names of several children or teenagers of the villagers are chosen and then they are recited by the Quran with the name of each child or teenager. Finally, the name of each person who came well is chosen as the year of magic. The person who is selected as the year of Maj should enter the house with a tray containing the Holy Quran, greens, sweets and a container of water and pour water in the corners of the house and mark a year full of goodness and blessings for his family.

Other spectacular and amazing features of this area include holding ancient and ancient ceremonies. The 13th of July is held every year on the 12th of Aban on the occasion of Kaveh’s victory over Zahak. A variety of local foods and snacks are also prepared and served at the event.

Kandelous  village Traditional Kandelous  food

Every region of beautiful Iran has handicrafts and traditional foods. The village of Kandelous  also has very tasty traditional food that you should not miss. Pumpkin soup, Kamaj, Borani and Ardim soup are some of the unique dishes of this region.

Kendall’s souvenirs and handicrafts

As mentioned, most of the tourist destinations in Iran have their own souvenirs and the village of Kandelous  is no exception to this rule. In the past, shamd, night tents, carpets and wooden and metal products were sold as souvenirs in this village, but over time, souvenirs such as gloves and woolen blouses, socks and jajim were offered to tourists. But there is also a special souvenir called Haftband reed, which can also be prepared as a Kendall’s souvenir.

kandelous village The best time to visit Kandelous  village in Mazandaran

Due to the geographical location of this village, which has a mountainous and summer climate, the best time to visit it, spring and summer can be a better choice. Of course, in autumn and winter, you can also experience beauties such as the rustling of trees underfoot and snow and rain.

The best accommodation in Kandelous

If you are looking for a suitable and luxury villa in this area, you can stay in both Kendall and the beautiful city of Nowshahr. By renting a villa in Nowshahr, you can have a day trip to Kandelous  and return to the city after a few hours of sightseeing and watching the sights of this village. On the Lux Villa website, you can book and rent the best villas and suites at the lowest prices.

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