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Natural location and climate of Kandelous

The location and natural condition of Mazandaran province (Kendallus) indicates the two main areas of coastal and mountainous plains of Alborz. The extension and direction of the Alborz Mountains is surrounded by a high and long wall, the coastal strip and the plains along the Caspian Sea. Throughout Mazandaran province, the slope and altitude of the land decreases from the heights to the plains and to the Caspian Sea.


At the confluence of the plains and foothills of northern Alborz, due to the intensity of erosion and alluvial density, part of the old roughness is covered with newer sediments and in some places has become a hill. Under the influence of sea breeze and local winds, coastal sand dunes have formed in the plains of the southern and eastern shores of the Caspian Sea, creating a natural and low dam between the sea and the plain. Also, in the eastern part of the Mazandaran Plain, there are thick sediments in the form of relatively high satellite hills, whose maximum western extension is limited to the cities of Behshahr and Neka.


The nature of Mazandaran province is affected by latitude, Alborz heights, altitude, distance and proximity to the sea, local and regional winds, displacement of north and west air masses and even dense forest cover. For this reason, despite its small size (and contrary to popular belief that its climate is considered to be quite temperate), this region has a special climatic diversity. Two major currents play a decisive role in the province’s climate

One is the north and northeast air current that flows from Siberia and the North Pole to the south and southwest, causing cold weather, frost, and snow and rain. This air mass is pushed to the north in summer and has little effect on the climate of Mazandaran. The climate of northern Iran is temperate and humid due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea and the presence of the Alborz mountain range.


Geographical location and climate of Kendallus:

We all know the distinctive feature of the north in its rainy and pleasant climate. But if you travel to the village of Kendallus once, in addition to bathing and enjoying its clean and pleasant weather, you can rest for a few hours under a forest of trees in complete peace.


One of the special and unique features of Kendallus village is its geographical location, climate and temperate climate. The village of Kendalus is located on the slopes of Alborzkooh and in a mountainous strait of the Kojoor section of Mazandaran.


If you go to the southeastern coastal city of Nowshahr after sightseeing, after traveling a distance of 75 km, passing through the green villages where the pulse of life flows and seeing the lush tea fields, blessed rice fields and fruitful gardens, you will reach Kendlus village. The center of Kojoor means money is 15 km away.


The altitude of this region is about 1650 meters above sea level with warm-blooded and kind people who have the purity and sincerity of the Caspian Sea with hard work and hard-working people who speak the Kojori language. This village is a dead end and is located right at the end of the mountain gorge and has doubled the beauty and scenery of this village.


Surrounded by the mountains of Alborz mountain range, imagine a historical village that is surrounded by a mountain fence, pause for a while and see yourself in this village, feel the coolness of the air and inhale the aroma of flowers and medicinal plants. The village has four seasons that change with the seasons, the society changes.


Of course, in summer, when the weather is extremely oppressive everywhere, the only place that can give you a cool air is the village of Kendallus.


Kendallus village is also very visible in other seasons of the year:


Snowy and cold winters for people who love to play in the snow.


Autumn gives a unique gift to the village of Kandelous with its colorful leaves.


Spring with forest blossoms and orchards makes the tourist village of Kandelous very beautiful.

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