Tips for traveling to rural areas of Iran

Tips for traveling to rural areas of Iran

Tips for traveling to rural areas of Iran

One of the best, most attractive and popular areas and places that most people are interested in traveling and visiting are the rural areas of Iran. By following the travel tips to the rural areas of Iran, you will help them stay healthy. Every week during the year and especially on weekends, each of us is tempted to visit one of the beautiful villages of Iran. In this article, we have discussed the tips of traveling to rural areas of Iran so that you don’t face any problems and damage to these areas during your trip.

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A monotonous life away from urban nature sometimes makes us very depressed. Therefore, they go outside the surrounding areas to big cities. We are looking for the sound of water, streams, lakes and pristine nature. The sound of birds on the trees in the gardens soothes us, and picking fruit from the trees can give us a refreshing feeling. When the summer season starts, the villagers start picking summer fruits from their gardens.

Participation in this program will not only help the villagers, but it has become very popular as a tourist industry. The experience of company and teamwork in a farm during harvest can create memorable memories for you. But if you plan to travel to rural areas of Iran and its nature tourism attractions, try to observe the following points. You will cause less damage to the living environment of the village and the people in that area, so you can travel with more confidence.

Tips for traveling to rural areas – Irangordi tours

Bring cash with you
Bring cash with you

Although technology has penetrated all parts of Iran, it is rare to encounter a bank teller in rural areas of Iran. If you can travel to these areas, always plan ahead and carry some cash with you just in case. It is always possible to see handicrafts or interesting products in these areas and intend to buy them. But don’t take enough money with you. So always carry enough cash to avoid regrets.

Tips for traveling to rural areas – Have cash

Another tip on this topic is to keep your money in a safe place. It is very convenient to carry them in a hidden bag that hangs from your shoulder or under your clothes. Meanwhile, if you have little money, don’t worry at all. You can ask for help from the kind people of the village, be sure that your request will not go unanswered. One of the best things you can do in these times is to help people in rural areas with their daily tasks. In this way, you enter a win-win relationship. Both you will enjoy your new experience and the people of the area will appreciate your help.

Tips for traveling to rural areas – helping rural people

Plan your trip
Plan your trip

Before leaving for the rural areas of Iran, it is better to plan your trip, especially if you are traveling alone without a tour. Know how you can travel and where you can go. Specify your destination. Although the destination is one of the joys of travel, it is recommended that you start your trip without planning. One of the tips for traveling to rural areas is to use a vehicle that you enter in the early hours of the day.

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Ask the natives of the area about public transportation that enters or leaves the village to know their departure time. In this case, if you have gone to these areas without a private vehicle, you can adjust your return time with public transportation.

Trip to the village

If you intend to stay for the night in these areas, in the travel tips for rural areas, we suggest you to book your accommodation or guest house. In this case, he could explore those areas more easily. If you leave before this, try to enter the village while it is still light. Then the next thing to do is find a place to stay for the night. In this way, if you don’t find a place to stay, you can find it and leave the area until the weather is clear. After finding a place to live, you can put your things there and walk around the village lightly.

eco lodges

eco lodges
eco lodges

One of the most important tips for traveling to rural areas is to wake up with the sunrise. Do not miss the beautiful sunrise in the nature of the village. Rural community, wake up early in the morning. You can reach from them and participate in its morning activities.

Tips for traveling to rural areas – Sunrise

Feel free to sit and watch the stars until late at night

If you haven’t entered the village for stargazing and astronomy, then don’t worry about long nights. Try to ask earlier than usual. Remember that there are few light sources in the villages, and apart from this reason, the people of the village sleep in the early hours of the night because they are busy during the day. Adjust the time of your life with them so that you have a different experience and do not disturb anyone.

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Tips for traveling to rural areas – Village Nights

  • Points to follow in rural areas
  • From with Don’t look down on the villagers!
  • Don’t forget that before we are rich or doctors and engineers, we are human beings and we should all treat each other with humility and kindness.
  • Try to follow the moral codes of that village!

For example, if all the residents of this village are religious and traditional, you should also try to be a bit more flexible so that you don’t face their strange reactions.

Never litter in the streets and alleys!

One thing you should know is that since the facilities in the villages are relatively less than in the city, this is the reason for them to be more self-made and they never wait for a third person to do their work, and therefore, in your villages, you are obliged to remove the garbage. Take it to the special tanks that exist so that the village is not littered because the treatment that is in the city is not in the villages.

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Get permission before the photo!

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that if the villagers want to take pictures of them.

Buy from the villagers!

Remember that the livelihood of the rural people comes from the sale of products that are hard to come by. If you enjoy the healthy village life, then definitely buy from them. One of the tips of traveling to rural areas is to buy their local handicrafts and food products. Although you can find many of these products at a much more expensive price in the city, it is more fun to buy them from the hands of a farmer or original producer, at a much lower price than in city stores. Be sure to try the local dishes of the area.

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