List of the best restaurants in Isfahan

List of the best restaurants in Isfahan

List of the best restaurants in Isfahan:One of the most exciting moments of travel is spending time in restaurants and experiencing different foods. Like many tourist destinations in Iran, Isfahan has exciting and authentic flavors that tourists fall in love with. This city is full of various restaurants that cover every kind of taste. For this reason, a restaurant tour in Isfahan has become one of the main programs of tourists today.

Jarchibashi restaurant

One of the cleanest and best restaurants in Isfahan is located in a 400-year-old historical bathhouse with original and traditional architecture. This restaurant was used as a bathhouse until 2013, and in 2013, after renovation, it started operating as a restaurant. Currently, this canteen museum has the capacity to accommodate 250 to 300 people at the same time.

List of the best restaurants in Isfahan

A variety of traditional, Iranian and foreign dishes are served in this restaurant. On Wednesdays and Saturdays at night and on Tuesdays and Fridays at noon, live music performances in this Isfahan restaurant along with the sound of water fountains and watching the turquoise tiles create a very pleasant atmosphere.

The very close distance of this restaurant to the famous places of Isfahan, such as Naqsh Jahan Square, has added to its popularity and made it known as a popular restaurant among travelers.

Address: Sepe St., Hakim St., 7th Alley (Bagh Qalanderha Alley), Phone: 03132207418

Jarchi Bashi restaurant

Shahrazad Restaurant

This old restaurant started its activity since 1346, it is one of the best and most well-known restaurants in Isfahan with Qajar wall paintings and traditional mirror work, and its colored glass windows show a beautiful reflection of the tradition and authenticity of Isfahan. In this restaurant, a variety of authentic Iranian and Esfahani dishes are served along with foreign dishes, with the best quality and live music.

Being close to famous sights such as Khajo Bridge, Zayandeh Rood and Abbas Hotel has attracted more tourists to this restaurant.

Address: Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, Abbas Abad Street, Phone: 03132204490

Biryani Azam

Briyan is a popular and authentic food of Isfahan and one of the most important parts of Isfahan Gardi. Biryan is a fatty and meaty food that is prepared from minced lamb or sheep meat and liver, in the middle of a traditional bread, with a small volume.

Throughout Isfahan, there are many restaurants dedicated to biryani, one of the best restaurants in Isfahan to try this dish is the Azam Biryani restaurant, one of the oldest and most famous and popular restaurants in Isfahan. In this restaurant, biryan is usually served with tafton or fresh sangak bread, vegetables and buttermilk, which creates a unique and delicious combination.

Address of branch 1: Dolat gate, the beginning of Chaharbagh, phone: 03132202070

Address of branch 2: Masjid Sayed St., next to the post office, phone: 03133383070


Address of branch 3: Kamal Ismail St., next to the gas station, phone: 03132125730

Address of branch 4: Bala Chaharbagh street, Nazar intersection, next to gas station, phone: 03136280939

Cafe Hermes Restaurant

Hermes Restaurant Cafe is an Italian restaurant in Isfahan, which is famous above all for its delicious steaks. The stylish atmosphere and modern furniture of this restaurant is the reason why many residents of Isfahan and travelers choose this restaurant for eating. This restaurant cafe is located in Jolfa area and in the street of Vanak Church, and this has made it more welcoming to tourists.

Address: Middle Nazar St., Church Vank St., Jolfa Square Alley, Phone: 03135555555

Tangerine restaurant

The construction of this restaurant dates back to the Qajar era and was rebuilt during the time of Naseruddin Shah. Taraj Isfahan’s catering complex has a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere that reflects the authentic Iranian culture. This complex has four sections: restaurant, pantry, photography studio and coffee shop. At Taraj restaurant in Isfahan, the most diverse traditional and foreign foods are served, in the pantry, all kinds of herbal and traditional brews are served. Also, its photographer house has luxurious and beautiful clothes from the Qajar era to capture beautiful memories.

Address: Khaqani St., opposite Shirini Andalus, Hovans Alley, Phone: 03136293788

Tangerine restaurant

Khan Gostar Restaurant

Khan Gostar Restaurant
Khan Gostar Restaurant

Khwangostar restaurant is one of the most famous and stylish restaurants in Isfahan, which has a very special atmosphere and environment, excellent and beautiful decor, and quality food, and its varied menu impresses every taste. Among all the restaurant’s dishes, its battered chalukbab is a special and common name, and a variety of salads and vegetarian dishes are offered for vegetarians and those who don’t like meat in a self-service manner.

Address: Hakim Nizami Street, Jolfa Hotel, Khan Gostar Restaurant, Phone: 03136278989

Azadegan Traditional Restaurant Cafe (Haji Mirza Cafe)

This coffee house, which was built in the name of Chah Haj Mirza for the first time during the Safavid period, was originally called the Bored House because people came there to relieve fatigue, but gradually this house was renamed to the Parrot House, Tea House, and Coffee House, but the locals are still here. It is known as Haj Mirza House. This cafe looks like an antique shop due to its special decoration, which includes old items that the owner has collected over the years.

Address: Imam Square, towards Sardar Qaisarieh, Haj Mirza Palace, Phone: 03132211225

Azadegan traditional restaurant cafe

Firouz Sharbat restaurant cafe

Firouz Sharbat restaurant cafe
Firouz Sharbat restaurant cafe

A nostalgic and antique cafe whose old decoration gives this place a special feature, as well as old menus with special dishes whose names are old and unknown. The set has multiplied the charm here. Sharbat Khaneh Firouz ice creams are a special offer of “Sharbat Khaneh Firouz”.

Address: Jolfa, Hakim Nizami Street, Vank Church, in front of Jolfa Hotel, phone: 03136268009

Naqsh Jahan Restaurant

Naqsh Jahan traditional restaurant in Isfahan is one of the quality and well-known restaurants in Isfahan and hangout for travelers from different countries. The architecture of this traditional dining room, in the form of authentic architectural elements of Isfahan, with the modern style of Iranian architecture, has multiplied the special charm of this restaurant. Is. This restaurant is as attractive as Naqsh Jahan Square and its architecture. All around the restaurant there are Iranian designs and patterns and there are traditional beds to sit on.

Address: Naqsh Jahan Square, next to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, inside the market, phone: 03132219068

Naqsh Jahan Restaurant

Huger Cafe Restaurant

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Huger Cafe is located in the historical complex of Dehdashti House and has two outdoor areas (beautiful and green yard) and indoor area (beautiful and magnificent reception rooms). This restaurant cafe has a unique restaurant to enjoy the traditional dishes of Isfahan and It is a professional coffee shop with international standards, as well as a storehouse with tasty and forgotten Iranian syrups and a special brewhouse in accordance with traditional medicine and various medicinal plants. Eating at this cafe restaurant will surely be a pleasant experience.

Address: Dolat Gate, Bab al-Rahma St., Alley No. 1

Huger Cafe Restaurant

Zagros restaurant

Zagros restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan with a beautiful view, located in Safeh Mountain Park and on top of the mountain. The beautiful environment, clean air and delicious and varied food have made many Iranian and foreign travelers visit this restaurant during the day. Chalukbob special for Zagros is the best food served in this restaurant.

This restaurant offers traditional and foreign dishes to its customers at three times: morning, noon and night. Customers can also use the free shuttle service of this restaurant.

Address: Sefe Mountain Park

Qasr Menshi Hotel Restaurant

This hotel, which was the residence of the vizier of one of the Qajar kings, is located in Qasr Manshi neighborhood (Hassan Abad gate). This neighborhood was the southeast gate of the city in the pre-Islam era. This building is registered in the list of national monuments and was partially restored in 2004 and fully renovated in 2014. During the renovation, parts of the building were completely renovated and annexed and turned into a hotel. In front of this hotel is a traditional Zorkhaneh and the other door of this place opens in a side street that is 20 meters away from Hassan Abad Bazaar. The restaurant of this hotel serves a variety of traditional Iranian dishes such as kaljosh and shorba, dolme, eggplant curd and cherry plum. .

Address: Neshat St., West Qasr Menshi Alley, Qasr Menshi Hotel, Phone: 03122247044

Arakhan restaurant

Arakhan restaurant with beautiful carvings and arches on the walls is located at the beginning of Chaharbagh Bala. This restaurant is decorated similar to the architecture of the historical and traditional places of Isfahan. The quality of Arakhan cuisine is exemplary among the restaurants of Isfahan and it is the choice of most tourists of the city. This restaurant with a traditional and hearty atmosphere will be a good answer for most tastes.

This restaurant has three floors where you can find all kinds of food from kebabs and challahs to seafood and farengi. The ground floor or classic restaurant is dedicated to all kinds of Farangi dishes, the first floor or Teriya is dedicated to serving hot and cold drinks, ice cream and sandwiches, and the second floor or traditional summer restaurant is dedicated to all kinds of authentic Iranian dishes.

Customer orientation, offering good food quality and good service are the slogans of this different restaurant.

Address: 3 and three bridges, the beginning of Chaharbagh Bala, next to Kausar complex, phone: 031362284549

Arakhan restaurant

Ark Restaurant

Ark Restaurant is another one of the most luxurious restaurants in Isfahan. This restaurant, with its atmosphere and traditional and beautiful decoration and open courtyard, creates a pleasant and completely traditional place to eat, and a variety of Iranian dishes such as chalukbab, fragrant Iranian rice, Mediterranean and vegetarian dishes. Of course, it offers customers at a relatively high price.

Address: Jolfa, Vank Church Alley, 031362909200

Arabo fast food

Some of the best fast food restaurants in the city are located in Jolfa, the Armenian district of Isfahan, and are owned by Armenians. Arabo has a small space in this Armenian neighborhood and is located near Vank Church. The most delicious sandwiches and fast food in Isfahan can be eaten at Arabo.

Address: Isfahan, Hakim Nizami Street, Nazar Midani, Vank Church Alley, Phone: 03136276325

Arabo fast food

Hakimbashi restaurant

Hakimbashi restaurant in Isfahan is one of the traditional restaurants of the city, which welcomes its guests with unique atmosphere and food quality. At Hakimbashi restaurant, you can experience authentic food in a traditional and nostalgic atmosphere. Biryani, Daisy, Hakim Bashi Meatballs, Grilled Chell, Chicken Chell, Meat Chell, Eggplant Curd, Biryani Abgousht, Halim Badamjan, Kalamkar Ash, Lentils, Buttermilk Ash, Yogurt Stew are among the dishes served in this restaurant.

Address: 1st floor, Sepeh Street, Hakim Street, Hakim Bazaar, Phone: 03132120237

Benopty fast food

Very beautiful environment, delicious and high-quality food and fast ordering are the features of this fast food. The taste of the best pizza in Isfahan can be experienced at Ben Opti.

Central branch address: Chaharbagh Bala, at the beginning of Mir St

Marato Branch: Hakim Nizami Street, the beginning of University Street, Refah Cultural Complex, 22 Bahman

City Center branch: food court on the second floor of the heart of the city (City Center)

Shahin Shahr branch: ShahinShahr, Imam Khomeini Blvd., between Ferdowsi and Hafez streets, food court on the 3rd floor of Maryam commercial complex

Zava Italian Restaurant

Zava Italian restaurant is one of the best choices for those who are fascinated by Italian food. This restaurant is beautifully designed and has a special and relaxing decoration. Zava’s pasta and lasagna are very famous.

Address: No. 47, Faraz Street, South Sheikh Sadouq St., Phone: 03136701000

Night restaurant

This restaurant with a very beautiful view in a space similar to a Chinese palace serves its guests with the best type of authentic Iranian food. This restaurant’s kebabs, especially Bakhtiari kebabs, are very popular in Isfahan.

Address: Ateshgah Blvd., after Ateshgah mountain, phone: 03133393633

Night restaurant

Ferni Hafez

Porridge prepared with rice flour, milk, sugar, rose water, etc. is one of the most popular desserts in Isfahan and is sold in special shops. Porridge is cheap and delicious and many people buy it as a warm, sweet and tasty breakfast or snack. There are many porridge shops all over Isfahan, and Hafez porridge is one of the most famous.

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