Kandelous Roadmap

Kandelous Paradise Roadmap

نقشه راه کندلوس

Heavenly road map called Kandelous:

Seven kilometers after Marzanabad or 25 kilometers left to Chalous, you have to turn right towards Kojoor road. After traveling about thirty kilometers, you still have to turn right and travel 15 kilometers to reach Kendallus.

The place where Nasser al-Din Shah during his trip here in 1292 AH (about 120 years ago) spent a few days and named this place Makhsaz, which includes four villages named Pide, Gil Kola, Mirkla and Kendlus.

Among these, Kendallus has a global reputation and has become one of the tourism hubs of Mazandaran province …

Address of Kendallos village: Chalous road – after Marzanabad – Dasht-e Nazir road – 42 km of Kendallus village



Phone: 30-01152362228

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