Introduction to Kendalls

Kandelous is a meeting place for nature and history lovers


Kendallus is a village in the Kojourshahr section of Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province of Iran. Insaf is one of the most beautiful and clean villages in Iran, which shines like a jewel in the heart of the beautiful nature of the northern Alborz.


This village is located along the Zanos valley, and the green and beautiful region of Kojoor, one of the first and oldest human settlements in Mazandaran province. To get to Kendallos village, you have to drive 6 or 6 kilometers on Chalous road, after passing Marzanabad city, to reach the side roads and asphalt on the right, called Doab Kojoor. After traveling 42 km on winding and very beautiful roads, and according to the signposts, you will enter Kendallus. Considering that our dear homeland of Iran, during its thousands of years of dark and light history, has been invaded many times by foreigners and internal and external enemies, and most of the civilization, objects, libraries and historical documents of its cities have been destroyed by these wars, We must search for history in the heart of the villages of this land. Many villages in Iran, due to their location in impassable and mountainous areas, are safe from the ravages of these savages and brutal attacks and can be of great help in clarifying the history of our country. In the meantime, Kandelous is clear evidence that the discovery of valuable historical objects such as pottery and tools of life and agriculture, weapons, locks and ornaments, represents an ancient civilization that is at least four thousand years old. These documents and objects were collected by Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri in the Anthropological Museum of Kandelous (located in the same village) and are on display. One of the attractions of this region is the Anthropological Museum and the Kendall Museum of Botany, which provide us with very interesting and useful information about the ancient history and mysterious civilization of this land.

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