A day in the village

Some Kandelous Attractions:


Traveling to the village always gives a special freshness and freshness to human beings, so it is good to travel to one of the historical and beautiful villages of the country, 75 km from Nowshahr, Mazandaran, called Kendolus. A village whose unique nature and several thousand years old history has become an excuse for thousands of foreign and domestic tourists to choose it as their tourist destination every year. The beautiful landscapes of this village and its tourist attractions have caused the great painter of the Qajar period, Kamal al-Mulk, to paint a very beautiful painting of it, which is now in public view in Saheboghranieh Palace.


Kendallus is a relaxing place away from all the worries, crowds and pollution of the city. It is a place where in the mornings you wake up to the loud singing of its roosters and in the fresh morning air, next to its lush and fruitful trees, its guest breakfast is spent at the peak of tranquility. The old houses with mud walls, wooden windows and the beautiful paving of the alleys have given the village a double beauty.

یک روز در دهکده کندلوس

In Kendalls, joys and sorrows are shared, people are closer to each
other and the neighbor knows about the neighbor. Hospitality has its own color
and smell and the locals are famous for their warmth and hospitality.



The work and occupation of the natives of Kandelous village has been the
preparation and production of wood and charcoal in winter and agriculture in
summer since ancient times. Now, due to the forest protection law, residents
are turning to sewing, carpentry and handicrafts in addition to agriculture.
Among the handicrafts of this village, we can mention weaving jajim, iszar
(handmade charkhane wool fabric), socks, gloves and a floral woolen blouse and
felt felt.

کندلوس کجاست

The texture of Kandelous village consists of two valuable and ordinary textures that new and modern constructions are prohibited in valuable textures. The texture of the tourist area of Kandelous has paved passages and houses with thatched facades, small and beautiful traditional windows, thatched walls, paved alleys and wooden voltaic roofs. Mineral springs and streams can be seen in the alleys of the village.

If you have been to different villages in Iran and compared them with Kendalls, the first characteristic that you will notice is cleanliness and observance of hygienic principles in this village. All the residents try to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the village, so we tourists must respect the effort and the high culture, and avoid dumping garbage and damaging the fabric of the village.

Upon entering the village, the first thing that attracts the attention of every guest is the magnificent stone building of the Kandelous Museum. Provides for tourists and dear guests.

Kandelous Museum

The first and largest rural museum in the world is the Kandelous Museum, which houses local and indigenous artifacts. This museum is beautifully built on two slopes and 400 meters of infrastructure, at the foot of the mountain. When you enter the museum, in the first moment, your eye falls on an inscription that explains the motive for the establishment of this collection and is considered as a certificate of introduction of the ancient objects of the village.

Kandelous cultural complex has been built with the intention of spreading the original and indigenous culture of the region by the efforts of Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri and with the design of engineers and the help of the villagers. Over the years, he has presented and collected historical and cultural objects of his ancestors and the region in the form of a museum. This museum includes historical and calligraphic books, agricultural tools, traditional paintings and coffee houses, historical documents, weavings and clothing and ornaments that are open to the public with complete and accurate information and identity cards. The Kandelous Museum is located on the green and mountainous slopes of Alborz in the Kojoor region of Mazandaran and has witnessed various civilizations in different periods of history and has placed signs of BC civilization, pre-Islamic Iranian civilization and post-Islamic Iranian civilization.

Museum of Medicinal Plants:

The climate of Kandelous village has provided a bed for the growth and cultivation of various medicinal plants. One of the most important attractions of Kandelous village is the Museum of Medicinal Plants, which was established by the founder of the Kandelous Museum. These farms, where over 250 species of valuable plants are cultivated in an area of 10 hectares, have created jobs for the residents of Kandelous village. These medicinal plants are also exported to other countries. If you are looking for a special plant, be sure to travel to beautiful Kandelous.


Some natural and environmental attractions of the village:

Kendall Waterfall:

One of the most important natural attractions and sights of Kandelous is Kandelous Falls.

Kendall Waterfall

Water and settlement always attract people. It is not possible to travel to the village of Kandelous and ignore the beautiful waterfall. If you walk from the village for about an hour, you will reach a beautiful waterfall 10 meters high, which is known as Kandelous Waterfall. Surrounded by a forest, this waterfall rises from the top of the mountain and falls in the form of tiny drops of water like rain, creating a dreamy landscape.

Demon Spring:

After walking a paved distance in the alleys of Kendallos village, you will reach the most beautiful cold mineral water spring, the depth and width of which make it known as Div Cheshmeh or Bozorg Cheshmeh. It is about 4 and 5 meters high from the exposed half, so it can be said that it is one of the most water-rich springs in the country, which also has healing and mineral properties.

Khezr Nabi Lake,

At a distance of 30 km from the center of Kendlus village is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Mazandaran province. According to the villagers, this lake is the crossing point of Hazrat Khezr Nabi and the choice of the name Khezr Nabi for this lake is rooted in the belief of the people of Kendall.

Kandelous Bath

Another natural attraction and valuable building that was added to the list of national monuments of Iran many years ago is the Kandelous Bath. A historical bath and treasure that is a relic from the Qajar era.

Tomb of Imam Zadeh Fazl and Fazel


One of the hundred-year-old shrines of Kandelous village is the tomb of Imamzadeh Fazl and Fazel. This tomb in the eastern part of the village with a wooden porch and a brick tower attracts the eyes of passers-by.

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