Restaurant and Coffee Shop Kandelous

Restaurant and Coffee Shop Kandelous

بازدیدکنندگان کندلوس

There is a park, restaurant and handicraft shop located in the park and near the Anthropological Museum. It creates a good opportunity for tourists and visitors of this village to meet their needs and buy souvenirs in a calm atmosphere.
Features of Kendallus Coffee Shop:

Kendallus Coffee Shop has the main features, including foot beauty, fragrance, lighting, adequate and natural vision, comfortable furniture. Cleanliness in the coffee shop:

Certainly, most of us consider cleanliness as an essential criterion in choosing a coffee shop, because any space that is associated with eating and drinking is more clean and tidy than any other.

Another important thing is that cleanliness is the first priority in Kendallus Coffee Shop.

Using tools and materials with the ability to clean easily and quickly. Perfume and aroma in the coffee shop:

Almost an important fact when talking about a coffee shop is about the aroma of coffee that we encounter, so the installation of a ventilation system that specifically

It is definitely very necessary to use this perfume in the designed coffee shop space. Coffee shop lighting:

For most people, lighting a coffee shop environment is very interesting. Using natural light sources, creating a friendly atmosphere, as well as using objects and additional lighting that has features.

Reflections are suitable. The unique design of the coffee shop gives a special comfort to tourists.

The use of furniture, tables and chairs is good and comfortable, which at the same time is simple and comfortable, which attracts customers’ attention. Wooden tables and chairs that are a pleasure to sit in the coffee shop space

Doubles. Good visibility in the coffee shop and mastery of the surroundings is another feature of the coffee shop.

Drinking a variety of teas and herbal teas in the Kendall Coffee Shop is unique and unique. Tea has long been so popular among the people that in some people

Just as they are addicted to the caffeine in coffee, they are also addicted to morning tea

Recently, the use of dried and fresh plants has even taken root in the preparation of different types of tea, and people are eager to drink different and fresh flavors, on the other hand, due to the healing properties of different types.

Herbal tea has also been absorbed. Herbal tea and all kinds of teas are among the favorite drinks of Iranian families. About 4,000 years ago, the Chinese first choice in drinking tea.

It has been herbal. Over time, the culture of drinking herbal tea has spread all over the world. Tea can be served cold, hot or with other beverages. It is also the most popular among us Iranians.

It is a tea drink.

Herbal teas and natural Kendall’s drinks

Soothing herbal tea, herbal tea to reduce muscle cramps, herbal tea for headaches, if you are a person who sits at the table for a long time or long-term work and activity

Tires you physically and mentally to relieve these pains and bruises Combined tea that is the source of herbs of the Kendall Museum and is prepared in its coffee shop

It is the best and most suitable medicine. In today’s busy world, drinking a cup of rose herbal tea is a good choice for a few hours of peace of mind and body.

The rose is a beautiful source of vitamins and the combination of its petals with chamomile flowers is a wonderful relaxing drink. All the teas and teas that are in

Kendallus Coffee Shop is served. Their origin is prepared from the Museum of Kendall’s Medicinal Plants and they have unique healing properties.

Kendall Coffee Shop You can enjoy herbal drinks and desserts خو

Iran is becoming more established every day than yesterday, and the number of people, especially young people, who are becoming more and more accustomed to the customs and traditions of different cultures, is increasing.

Cities welcomed people less than coffee shops, but today we see that in less passages of chain stores, there is no coffee shop.

It is for people to enjoy different tastes and soft music, etc. In addition to Kendallos Coffee Shop, do not miss Kendallus Restaurant.

Makes the pleasure of eating more enjoyable. Stroll in the tourist village of Kendalls with its pristine nature and unique tourist attractions. Must have food and drink for the taste and taste of all travelers.

Has pure foods, natural foods and delicious taste of Kendallus is a favorite of all tourists if you want to taste the first class food of Kojoor region and د

Olive oil is served as an appetizer and Mirza Ghasemi and gilaqaqat and fried fish are on the menu of northern restaurants, but if you look closely at their lives, the culture and customs

Get to know the people of that land more. You will find other perfumes and flavors in your mouth.

The presence of wooden and wooden columns in the middle of the beautiful restaurant has doubled the atmosphere of the restaurant, which gives the pleasure of sitting for hours and enjoying the cooking of local Kendalls chefs.

It makes the section more.

In Kendallus restaurant, you can also taste the local and indigenous food of this tourist village called pumpkin soup, almond, borani, etc. Eating traditional food and sweets such as Kamaj and Rah

Nun (a kind of local Kendall’s bread) is not devoid of pleasure and memory.

Before the coffee shop, traveling to Kendalls village and watching its natural and tourist attractions is very enjoyable. Kendalls tourist complex is equipped with all comforts and amenities.

4,000-square-meter complex that includes a residence, restaurant, coffee shop, shop, guest house, museum and 000.

After visiting the Museum of Medicinal Plants of Kendallus and discovering the properties of medicinal plants, you may relax the craving for a drink. What better place than the coffee shop of the collection, which has the best moments.

Brings to you. Kendall Coffee Shop: Since its pervasive time