Kandelous village

Kandelous village

Kandelous is a village in the Kojoor section of Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province of Iran. Kandelous village, with four thousand years of history, in the heart of Alborz mountains, is looking for a companion to open the heart and speak of pure men and women of hard nature Kandelous village, rightly and fairly one of the most beautiful and clean The villages of Iran are considered to shine like a jewel in the heart of the beautiful nature of the northern Alborz. This village is located along the Zanos valley, and the green and beautiful region of Kojoor, one of the first and oldest human settlements in Mazandaran province. To get to Kendallos village, you have to drive 6 or 6 kilometers on Chalous road, after passing Marzanabad city, to reach the side roads and asphalt on the right, called Doab Kojoor. After traveling 42 km on winding and very beautiful roads, and according to the signposts, you will enter Kandelous. If you have been to different villages in Iran and compared them with Kendalls, the first characteristic that you will notice is cleanliness and observance of hygienic principles in this village. There are garbage bins all over the village and all the residents try to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the village, so we tourists must respect this effort and high culture, and avoid dumping garbage and damaging the texture of the village. Considering that our dear homeland of Iran, during its thousands of years of dark and light history, has been invaded many times by foreigners and internal and external enemies, and most of the civilization, objects, libraries and historical documents of its cities have been destroyed by these wars, We must search for history in the heart of the villages of this land. Many villages in Iran, due to their location in impassable and mountainous areas, are safe from the ravages of these savages and brutal attacks and can be of great help in clarifying the history of our country. In the meantime, Kendalls is clear evidence that the discovery of valuable historical objects such as pottery and tools of life and agriculture, weapons and locks and ornaments, represents an ancient civilization that is at least four thousand years old. These documents and objects were collected by Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri in the Anthropological Museum of Kendalls (located in the same village) and are on display. One of the attractions of this region is the Anthropological Museum and the Kendall Museum of Botany, which provide us with very interesting and useful information about the ancient history and mysterious civilization of this land.


Among the activities that have given a special effect to Kendalls along with its natural beauties and have made this village very famous, are the establishment of two anthropological museums and a museum of medicinal plants. Kendalls Cultural Complex Museum is one of the unique museums in Mazandaran province, where works of pottery, glass, coins, porcelain and lighting tools from the second millennium BC to the Qajar period and the section of documents and manuscripts, manuscripts of the words of God Majid , Poetry collection, contract, orders have been collected.


Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri, the founder of the Kendalls Cultural Complex, says about the historical background of Kendalls:


Kandelous, which is part of the nail maker, is located in the green and mountainous slopes of Alborz in the Kojoor region of Mazandaran and has witnessed various civilizations in different periods of history and signs of BC, Iran before Islam and Iran after Islam. Has accommodated. According to him, today the nail maker includes four villages named Pideh, Gilkola, Mirkla and Kendlus. The village of Kandelous, which is one of the oldest human settlements in the Kojoor region, is located on the slopes of the Alborz mountain range leading to the Zanus Valley. Kendalls includes neighborhoods called Darzikola, Malakla, Jorsari, Jirsari, Benim Sari and Sari Daleh.


Jahangiri says about the people of Kandelous: The people of Kandelous have mud houses but their springs are refreshing, their facilities are small but kind and hospitable, sunburned and suffering from the times but they are patient and tolerant. Still the rooster crows and the birds color their day and the jackal howls and the sound of the river whispers their night sleep.


The people of this village have been preparing and producing wood and charcoal in winter and agriculture in summer since ancient times, and now, due to the forest care law, the people have turned to sewing and carpentry in addition to agriculture. Among the handicrafts of this village, we can mention weaving jajim, iszar (handmade charkhane wool fabric), socks, gloves and a floral woolen blouse and felt felt.


According to him, in addition to the reed (reed of seven bands), which is the most common musical instrument of Kandelous, Dahl and Serna also have a significant history and fame in this region. Serena is known locally for its backing, which is carved from boxwood. The people of Kandelous village, especially the natives, are white and in some cases blond and blue-eyed. The people of Kendall are kind and hospitable people who never leave love unanswered. There are no beggars in this village, people are generally satisfied and hardworking. Although most of the houses are empty for 9 months of the year and the doors of all the houses are open, there have never been robberies, murders or crimes in this village. In this village, it is rarely heard that a woman is divorced. Women work harder than men to support themselves and their families. Grinding wheat, whitewashing the house, breaking firewood for the oven, milking cows, weaving, and planting vegetables are some of the definite duties of a Kendall woman.

One of the most beautiful ceremonies that is performed on New Year’s Eve is the celebration of the New Year (I am happy), which is as follows: First, choose the names of some children or teenagers in the family and choose the name of each one who came well as the New Year by reciting from the Quran. It becomes. This child or teenager as soon as he transforms




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