Where is the village of Kendallus?

Where is the village of Kendallus?

Where is Kandelous village: Kandelous village is another pleasant climate region of Iran, which is located in Nowshahr city. This village is one of the Yalek villages which is 4000 years old.

Where is the village of Kandelous?

Where is the village of Kendallus

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to go to a good place to relax, we suggest you go to Condoleezza. This village is famous for its beautiful scenery and unique houses. This village is also very valuable historically. Kandelous village of Nowshahr is about four thousand years old. In the museum of this village you can find ancient objects.

Kandelous village

Kandelous village, despite its small size, has many attractions. Kandelous is located in the Alborz Mountains in a valley called Zanos. This valley contains a variety of plant and animal species. There are many fountains in this valley, which adds to the beauty of this valley.

Architecture of Kandelous village

Visiting the architecture of the village and the village houses and the life of the people of Kandelous is another important point in visiting this village. Bilal houses in this village with its wooden roofs add to the beauty of this village. One of the most spectacular places in this village is its museum. This museum has two floors and preserves antiquities from the second millennium BC to the Qajar period. Of course, there is also a botanical museum in Condoleezza.

Attractions of Kandelous village

Where is the village of Kendallus

5 km from the village, there is a 10 meter waterfall that is surrounded by forest. The walk to Kondolus Falls takes about an hour. Another place of interest in this village is the tomb of Imamzadeh Fazl and Fazel, which is also considered a rural shrine. This tomb is very simple and made of wood. This tomb dates back to 100 years ago.

If you want to bring souvenirs from Kandelous, you should go to shops that sell knitwear such as jajim, socks, gloves, woolen blouses.

When is the best time to go to Kandelous?

In all seasons, the nature of Kandelous village is very beautiful. Condolus is a lush spring, cool summers, autumn seven colors and beautiful snowy days. If you like mild weather to travel, it is better to go to Kandelous in spring and summer.

Getting there (Kandelous)?

To reach Kandelous village, you have to go to Chalous 25 km through Chalous road. Then enter the two-way road in Kojoor. Drive on Kojoor road and go up to 18 km. Take two ways to the southwest. A 15 km drive will take you to the city of Condoleezza. Your route is mountainous but pleasant.

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