Step by step trip to Kendallus

Step by step trip to Kendallus

In the event of a corona epidemic, you do not need a guide or tour purchase. Be your tour leader in Kendall with this detailed plan

  ? What attractions and routes can you see on your trip to Kendall with Amin Mana program

?Doab village – Hassan Abad village – Nirs village – Bastam village – Cheshmeh Damal route – Hairat village – Aali Darreh village – Gandis Bala village – Lash Kenar village – Dasht Nazir village – Dasht Nazir river – Hezar Sam village – Imamzadeh Ghasem – Kondosar village – Sama village – Halimeh Khatoon Imamzadeh – Firoozabad village – Firoozabad valley route – Ismailzadeh – Lambarak valley – Manjir river – Manjir valley route – Manjir village – Suleiman Imamzadeh – Kiko village – Shah Pir Imamzadeh forest route – Tanab village and Kol – Naserabad village – Tazehabad village – Hasel Sar swamp forest path – Hasel Sar swamp – Mache Tak mountain – Let Si valley forest path – Weiser village – Gothe Kesh village – Diocheshmeh forest park – Kinj village – Kinj old sycamore tree – Ebrahim Imamzadeh – Islamabad Village – Kiakla Village – Khoshl Village – Zanos Village – Zanus Tangeh Path – Munj Village – Pideh Village – Nail Maker Village – Gil Kola Village – Kendallus Village – Fazl Imamzadeh – Kendallus Historical Bath – Kendallus Museum – Kendallus Museum – Historical Texture of

the Village Kendalls – Nichkuh village – Imamzadeh Ahmad

Step by step trip to Kendallus

What you must know before deciding to travel to Kendallus

Where is Kendall?

Kendallus is located in the north of the Central Alborz Mountains and is one of the tourist villages of Nowshahr city, whose side road branches off from 5 km of Marzanabad in the middle of Kandovan Road.

What is the popularity of tourism in Kendalls region?

Kendallus village, Kendallus Museum, mountainous areas with cool climate and high forests

Where are the best places to visit in and around Kendall?

Kendallus village, Kendallus Museum, Hasel Sar Lagoon, Monjir, Zanos and Nirs

What is the type of travel plan to Kendall?

This is a program of rural tourism, nature tourism and historical tourism.

? How difficult is the trip to Kendall

Easy to medium and suitable for all people from the lowest level of physical ability to people with the ability to walk in nature from 200 meters to 10 kilometers on smooth to uneven paths of nature such as clearing or riverbeds in the forest and steep mountain trails

 ? What is the distance from Tehran to Kendallus by car

The distance from Nowshahr to Kendalls through the Do Ab bridge, 5 km from Marzanabad, is less than an hour and a half by car. This route is approximately 75 km.

? What is the access road and the way to Kendallus

Kendallus is located in the heart of the Alborz Mountains and is not on the main road, but is connected to the Chalous Road by an asphalt side road with a length of approximately 50 km and through the Doab Bridge to the Karaj-Chalous Road.

 ? When is the best time and season to travel to Kendall

All seasons of spring, summer and autumn are suitable for traveling to Kendalls. Kendallus has a cold and snowy winter. The summer of Kendallus is a bit hot but pleasant and unlike the coastal areas, it is not sultry and unbearable, so from May to October is the best time

to travel to Kendallus and the surrounding areas, but if you choose May and June, you will enjoy it more.

What you need to know to plan a trip to Kendallus in general

Where are the best Kendall restaurants?

Kendalls and surrounding areas have good restaurants, but in indigenous and sparsely populated areas it is difficult to find a restaurant with a long history and credibility as approved by international sites such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. Even on Google, users did not give many points to any of the restaurants in the area. However, in the village of Kendalls, the Kendalls Cultural Park complex has a quality restaurant and cafe. Proceeds from Kendallus Restaurant will be donated to charity. Using homemade food or local restaurants and shopping in person is another option for traveling to Kendallus.

Where is the best place to camp or stay in Kendalls?

For camping and camping, the location of springs and forest valleys have a suitable space in this regard. It is possible to stay in some of the various shrines in this area. In addition to guesthouses and eco-lodges in areas such as Kendalls, there is the possibility of renting suites, apartments and local houses with quality and reasonable prices and in different ways. You can also set up a tent on the edge of the Kendallus Cultural Park and in the parking lot. Dioucheshmeh Forest Park also has a number of pavilions for rent.

What are the essentials for a trip to Kendall?

Comfortable backpacks and walking shoes, sunglasses and masked hats for sunny days, warm clothes for cold seasons, camera, medicine and personal accessories, water bottles and snacks

A special package and the best program offered by Amin Mana for this trip

Why is this the best planning for Kendalls and even the cheapest Kendalls tour?

Amin Mana programs are based on sites such as the Mapping Organization, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, and a collection of GPS tracks on sites such as Wikiloc. Route design is also done with the help of software such as Google Earth.

Tourist attractions of each region and more attractive routes for walking in the city and village or nature, have been introduced in Amin Mana. Their location and routing on the map along with GPS track (usable on the phone) is at your disposal.

Along with the route track, a detailed schedule that has the timing and prioritization of attractions is available to you, but it is still possible to change the number of program days and select attractions and routes according to your taste. So, you do not waste time and

you will be a good and cheap tour operator for yourself.

What is the best day trip to Kendall?

You need at least one day to see the village of Kendalls and the surrounding areas, but there are many beautiful villages and valleys in

this area that especially professional nature lovers can add to the program.

What is the best travel plan for Kendall for sightseeing?

Tourist and nature attractions of Kendalls region are divided into two categories including public attractions and professional nature tours.

If you are visiting Kendallus for the first time, it is better not to miss the most significant attraction of the region, which is Kendallus village and its museums, which takes a few hours. The road to the village is also spectacular, especially in spring. In this way, even with a half-day trip, you can have a good trip to Kendalls, but it makes more sense to dedicate at least one day to this trip due to the long distance to Kendalls.

If you have enough time for a day trip to Kendallus, you can add Diochemes Forest Park and beautiful villages such as Kinj and Nichkuh to your schedule. In this way, with proper arrangement and timing, you can have the least waste of energy and time during the program.

If you have enough time for a one and a half day trip or a two day trip to Kendallus, you can also visit Zanos Waterfall. The other two nature trails, including Firoozabad and Let Si valleys, are also light and each of them can take half a day, but due to the similarity of their nature, you can choose one of these valleys and save extra time. If there is a picnic on these routes, or spend more time in Kendalls.

People who have a long chassis car or are in good physical condition and go hiking professionally can spend more days in the Kendalls area. For a three-day trip and a four-day trip to Kendallus, the beautiful Hasel Sar lagoon route takes a day alone. The Monjir route, including the Imamzadeh of Shah Pir and Doab Tajira and Kelestank, is also really attractive in spring and autumn and easily takes a day.

So you can fill the program for four days this way.

For a five-day trip to Kendallus, visit all the routes in the Kendall region, such as Zanos Tangeh and other routes. Seeing each of the region’s temperate villages, including the highlands in the Hairat region in late spring, can be good options. However, the mountaineering routes of Kendalls region are not included in this itinerary. So for a four or five day trip, you can visit all the tourist and nature attractions of Kendall according to the schedule according to the planned schedule, but you need to be careful not to miss the main attractions.

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