Sightseeing places in Shiraz and adventure in Fars paradise

Sightseeing places in Shiraz and adventure in Fars paradise

Sightseeing places in Shiraz and adventure in Fars paradise :

Sights of history, literature and culture

A large part of Iranian travel is tied to an adventure in history, and one of the attractions of domestic travel is exploring the history of regions. Shiraz is a historical and pleasant city of Fars province, and with the fragrance of spring oranges, it gets a heavenly mood.

Sightseeing places in Shiraz and adventure in Fars paradise

The sights of Shiraz are among the most visited tourist areas in Iran. In addition to historical tourism, this city also provides you with the chance to explore the pure nature. For an adventure in the heavenly city of Fars, stay with us until the end of this article.

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1. Narenjestan Qavam Garden, one of the must-see places in Shiraz

Shiraz is the city of famous and heavenly gardens of Iran, and there are colorful gardens with pleasant weather in its corners. Narenjestan Garden or Qawam Garden of Shiraz is one of the must-see places located on Lotf Ali Khan Street.

Narenjestan garden is a relic of the Qajar era and has a historical atmosphere. The old trees and colorful flowers have beautified the corners of the Narenjestan garden. After passing through the entrance and enjoying the inlay art of this wooden door, the vestibule with the ceiling is decorated with the praiseworthy arts of Iranian architecture, such as plaster work, moqrans work, brick work and tile work.

Sightseeing places in Shiraz and adventure in Fars paradise
Sightseeing places in Shiraz and adventure in Fars paradise

The garden will welcome you with its heavenly atmosphere and mature trees that are located close to each other. Spring season is one of the pleasant times to visit Narenjestan Garden, because one was intoxicated by the scent of spring oranges in this lovely garden. On the north, east and south sides of Narenjestan Garden, he saw beautiful buildings with a special design of Iranian architecture. This collection is decorated with seven arts of plastering, tile work, traditional painting, mirror work, sculpture, mosaic work and inlay work.

Shiraz Hotel Fall 1401-Intertextual

Watching a complete collection of traditional arts in Iranian architecture is one of the features of visiting Narenjestan Qavam. The main building of the Narenjestan garden is located in the north of the complex, and its magnificent porch faces the pond and garden area. The two columns made of marble and the arts used to decorate this porch are among the most spectacular parts of the Narenjestan garden.

Narenjestan Qavam is one of the must-see places in Shiraz

In the Narenjestan garden complex of Qavam, there is a museum of objects obtained from the excavations and research trips of Professor “Pope”, one of Iranologists named American creature. Besides enjoying the spectacular atmosphere of the garden and the magnificent mansion, visit the antique objects of this museum.

Address: Zeinbiyeh Blvd., Lotfali Khan Zand St

Visiting hours: 8 am to 9 pm

Location of Narenjestan Ghavam Garden on Google Map

  1. Afifabad garden, enjoying the art of flower arrangement

During sightseeing in Shiraz, you should put Iranian gardens in your priorities and list yourself in paradise. Afif Abad Garden is one of the most famous places in Shiraz and a masterpiece in the art of flower arranging in Iranian gardens.

Afifabad is one of the oldest gardens in Shiraz and was built during the time of Naseruddin Shah Qajar. Achaemenid, Sassanid and Qajar styles have been used in the architecture of this two-story building. This mansion is very similar to the Eram Garden building in Shiraz, and a large porch with stone columns is visible in it, facing the rectangular courtyard of the garden.

Special decorations of Iranian architecture and wooden doors are one of the visual features of Afifabad Garden Mansion in Shiraz. This garden has been turned into a museum and you can visit the museum after enjoying the colorful nature of the garden to learn more about the history of industry in Iran.

Afif Abad garden is one of the famous places in Shiraz

You have to go through the wooden entrance door and hallway to reach the garden. You are now in Afifabad garden and this garden welcomes you with a large rectangular pond, tall trees and a collection of colorful flowers. In Afifabad garden, you can see the art of flower arrangement in the style of traditional Iranian gardens and enjoy green trees such as willow, cypress, pine, plantain, orange, etc.

Address: Afifabad St., Sattarkhan Blvd., Moslinejad Blvd., Qavamuddin Shirazi St.

Visiting hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Location of Afifabad Qavam Garden on Google Map

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  1. Bagh Delgosha, the first kolafrangi structure in Iran

Delgosha Garden is one of the oldest paradise gardens in the sightseeing places of Shiraz and is located in Saadiyeh neighborhood. The flow of water from the aqueduct of Saadi’s tomb, which is known as the “Gazaren” aqueduct spring, also reaches the Delgosha garden and makes this garden green.

In addition to the fragrance and color of flowers and plants, a spectacular three-story mansion can also be seen in it, which is the first Kolahfarangi building in Iran. Trees such as walnut, orange, cypress, orange, pine, etc. are planted in this garden.

The adventure in Delgosha will start by entering from the main door on the south side. Spring is one of the best times to visit Delgosh Garden, because the atmosphere of this garden becomes colorful with the blossoms of various trees, which is not like paradise.

The octagonal pond, clear water atmosphere, water features and graceful trees lead you to the center of the garden. Like many Iranian gardens, the main building of the garden is located in the center of attention of the collection, and the Chaharbagh design is located in four streets full of flowers and plants with streams of water in four directions. The geography of this garden can be seen.

Delgosha garden is one of the must-see places in Shiraz

Photographer Ahmad Reza Madah

Kolafrangi Bagh Delgosha mansion is one of the architectural masterpieces in Shiraz sightseeing places, which is decorated with arts such as mirror work, plastering, painting and carving on wooden doors. The most important part of this luxurious mansion is a large hall with four thrones, which is beautifully decorated and has become a gem of Delgosha garden.

Today, the Kolafrangi building has turned into a historical museum to display objects such as ancient coins, a collection of historical stamps, dishes, old bicycles, a collection of different generations of radios, etc.

Address: Haftenan Blvd., Narenjestan St., South Sadia neighborhood

Visiting hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Location of Delgosha Bagh on Google Map

  1. Nazar Museum Garden, surviving from the Zandiye period

Bagh Nazar or the Pars Museum is one of the must-see places in Shiraz, which was left over from the reign of Zandiye and Karim Khan Zand was laid to rest in this garden. Like all Iranian gardens, Nazar garden is decorated with a row of tall trees and beautiful flowers, and a pond and fountain complete its beauty.

In Bagh Nazar, the oldest museum of Fars province named “Museum of Pars” is located. This octagonal building was built by the order of Karim Khan Zand to hold ceremonial events of the country when it hosted the representatives of other countries, and for this reason, it is considered one of the most important buildings in Shiraz.

For more than 80 years, this building has been introduced as a museum among the sights of Shiraz, and today a collection of old coins, types of seals, metal objects, pottery, etc. are stored in it. Pars Museum is a perfect example of the pages of history and you can see traces of pre-historic periods to the contemporary period in this museum.

Nazar museum garden

Government Garden, Vakil’s Tomb, Prince’s Garden and Museum Garden are other names of Nazar Garden that are attributed to it according to each historical period. The building of Kolah Farangi Bagh is built with an octagonal design, and various parts of old mansions can be seen in it, such as the royal palace of the earring room. Brick decorations, tiling, painting, moqrans, etc. are among the arts that most parts and halls of the mansion are decorated with.

One of the spectacular and adventurous parts of this garden is the Vakil Abad tomb. This tomb with its marble tombstone is the eternal home of Karim Khan Zand, who faced a strange fate during the period of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar. By the order of Agha Mohammad Khan, the bones of the king of Zandiyeh were brought to Golestan Palace, the residence of Shah Qajar, to be buried on the stairs and Shah Qajar trampled them every day.

During the first Pahlavi period, Karim Khan’s bones were returned to Shiraz and his tomb. During your adventure in Nazar Garden and Pars Museum, don’t miss visiting Karim Khan Zand’s tomb, one of the most important places to visit in Shiraz.

Address: Shahada square, Zand underpass, in front of Karimkhani citadel

Visiting hours: 8 am to 6 pm

The location of Nazar Museum on Google Map

  1. Eram Garden, in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Eram Garden is one of the must-see places in Shiraz and one of the unique examples of Iranian gardens, which is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The green trees of Shirazi and the architectural charms of the main building are the features of Shiraz Eram Garden. As soon as you enter the Eram Garden of Shiraz, you will be lost in its dreamlike beauty. The passageways of Eram Garden, like other lush gardens of Shiraz, have a heavenly atmosphere.

By spending time and walking in Eram Garden, you will find new feelings and you will be intoxicated by the fragrance of roses. The passageways of this garden extend from west to east and from north to south, and at the beginning of the path from west to east of the garden, you will see the large pool and the eye-catching building of this complex.

Eram garden

The main building of Bagh Eram is an architectural masterpiece and one cannot ignore the elegance of the art of tiling and its seven-color facade. This three-story building is modeled on the history of Zandiya and Safavid architecture and has eye-catching decorations. Tiling, plastering, painting, stone columns, inlaid wooden doors, etc. are among the decorations made in the design of the Eram Garden building in Shiraz.

The design of the building and its artistic decorations will remind you of the Narenjestan Ghavam Garden mansion. Don’t forget to visit the Sea of Noor Stone and Gem Museum in the main building of Bagh Eram to see a valuable collection of all kinds of precious stones in one of the most beautiful places in Shiraz.

Like many gardens in Shirazi, one of the other attractions of Eramgardi is wearing traditional clothes and taking souvenir photos in the historical atmosphere of the garden. You can also go to Shirazi’s special handicraft and souvenir stalls and experience a pleasant shopping trip after visiting the garden.

Address: Eram Square, Eram Blvd


Visiting hours: 8 am to 8:30 pm

Location of Eram Garden in Shiraz on Google Map

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  1. Jahannama Garden, one of the other must-see places in Shiraz

Jahannama Garden is another sight-seeing place in Shiraz, which turns green in front of you after the Koran Gate. This beautiful garden is located in the neighborhood of Hafez Tomb and it is about 15 minutes by foot from Hafeziya. Artistic carvings on tree trunks welcome you at the entrance of the garden. Enter Jahannama Garden and enjoy walking around the gardens full of violets, petunia, chrysanthemums, seven-color roses, etc.

You will see many trees such as cypress, pine and orange in this garden. In the center of Jahannama Garden, you will see a mansion with an octagonal structure. Although this garden dates back to the reign of “Muzaffar” and “Inju” dynasties in the 8th century, but the building of this garden and its ponds in Karim Khan lived and it was built by his order.

Jahannama Garden – Shiraz sightseeing places

The design of Jahannama garden was implemented like Nazar garden; The mansion was placed in the center of the garden, four streets or Chaharbagh surround the structure with a row of green trees and streams of water flow along these four streets. The inside of the main building of Jahannama Garden has been turned into a museum today. Don’t miss the adventure in this historical museum after exploring the flower-filled streets of Bagh.

European tourists drew their descriptions of Iran’s historical monuments on paper before cameras were invented, and the black pen drawings of these tourists are displayed in this museum. Collection of stamps, coins, hand-made locks, historical documents, etc. are among other valuable objects in Bagh Jahannamat Museum.

Address: Hafezeh intersection, Hafez St., after Fars National Library and Document Center

Visiting time: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm

Location of Jahannama Garden on Google Map

  1. The tomb of Khajovi Kermani, near the Koran Gate

Near the Qur’an gate of Shiraz, you can go to the tomb of Khajovi Kermani, a famous Iranian poet. This mausoleum is located at the foot of Shiraz’s Sabavi Mountain and in the heart of a lush garden, and for this reason, this garden is named after this beautiful poet.

In the tomb of Khajovi Kermani, you will see a tombstone with two short stone pillars above and below it. They have built a stone statue of this poet in Khajo’s tomb and made the garden more beautiful. Among the other attractions of Khajo Park are the caves located at a short distance from the tomb.

Inside one of these caves, Khajovi Kermani spent a lot of time praying and polishing his soul. The relief of Rostam’s battle with the lion, as well as the relief of Fath Ali Shah and his sons, can be seen on the side walls of the caves.

The tomb of Khajovi Kermani

Khajo Park is one of the recreational and historical attractions among the sights of Shiraz, which has a good geographical location and you can almost see a spectacular view of the city from the heights of this park. Coffee shops, craft stores, etc. are among the other facilities of the Khajo Garden in Shiraz.

Address: Imam Reza Blvd., next to the Koran Gate

Visiting hours: 7:30 am to 12 noon

Location of Khajovi Kermani tomb on Google map

8. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, the mystical world of color and light

Colored glass and colorful tiles have made Nasir al-Molk Mosque one of the most unique mosques in Iran, and every year a flood of domestic and foreign tourists flock to this mosque. The pink color has a special effect in the fine art of tiling in this mosque, and for this reason, Nasir al-Molk is also known as the “Pink Mosque” of Iran.

This mosque is located in the old neighborhood of Gud Araban, and like other traditional buildings of Iran, it leads you to the courtyard with a vestibule and corridor. The unique part of this mosque is the building of the nave, which is decorated with colored glass, colorful tiles and elegant moqran work.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is one of the must-see places in Shiraz

One of the unique features of the Nasir al-Mulk mosque is the absence of a dome. The northern and southern arches are other parts of the Nasir al-Molk mosque. The garland is located in the southern arch and in the northern arch or the pearl arch, you can see the glory of the art of tiling and moqranskari. Among the sights of Shiraz, the Pink Mosque is one of the pure subjects of photography, and for this reason, visiting this building is a good opportunity to bring your photography talent to life.

Address: Gud Araban (Ishaq Bey) neighborhood, south of Lotfali Khan Zand Street, not reaching Zainabiyeh Blvd.

Visiting hours: 7 am to 5 pm

Location of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque on Google Map

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9. Hafiziyah, the eternal home of the tongue of the soul

Hafez’s birth certificate is Shiraz, and this city is tied to the name of this great Iranian poet. Hafiziya or Hafez’s tomb is the mausoleum of Lasan al-Ghaib, and visiting the sights of Shiraz is complete by going to Hafiziya. Hafez’s tomb has undergone many changes and restorations in different eras, but the current building of this tomb belongs to the Pahlavi era and was built according to the design of one of the French architects and archaeologists named “Andre Godard”.

The construction of Hafiziya was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Education and one of the political and literary figures of that time named “Ali Asghar Hekmat” and this building is still standing today as a memorial to the great Iranian poet in the city of poetry and literature.

9. Memorization

The Hafiziya complex consists of two parts, the north and the south, and this border is defined by the middle hall, which is actually a large porch with twenty beautiful stone columns and a row of long stairs on both sides. The dome building of Hafez’s tomb with eight columns is located in the northern part of the complex.

The beauty of the art of tiling, the use of Hafez’s poems in this building, and the ancient stone columns are the characteristics of this tomb. Tiling inside the arch of the tomb ceiling can make you nail-biting for a few minutes and you will not want to take your eyes off it.

The southern part of Hafez, as the entrance to the complex, welcomes visitors with the scent of spring oranges, green trees and colorful flowers. Therefore, from the moment you enter this collection, a sense of poetry will come alive in you. In the pure air of Shiraz and among the greenery of this complex, you will be Hafez’s guest and you will receive a good omen as a souvenir from him.

Address: Northern area of Shiraz city, Azadi Blvd., between Hafizeh intersection and Literary intersection

Visiting hours: 8:30 am to 10:30 pm

Location of Hafez Tomb on Google Map

10. Saadiyeh, the tomb of Ostad Sokhon

Shiraz is the city of literary poetry and the eternal home of another beautiful poet of the land of Persia is in this city has fallen By going to Saadiyeh, the tomb of Ostad Sokhon, Shirazgerdi gets a color of peace. This spectacular mausoleum was built with a design by “Mohsen Foroughi”, inspired by the special Iranian architecture, and the advantage of this mausoleum’s location is its proximity to Delgosh garden.

The building of the tomb includes two intersecting porches and the row of stairs is located in front of the building. The turquoise dome of Sadia attracts the attention of every tourist and the use of marble in the interior has doubled the beauty of the building. Sadia is built with eight columns and is decorated with the art of tiling.


This tomb is located in a lush garden and the arrangement of rows of trees, gardens full of flowers and water ponds reminds you of the Iranian garden design style. It is interesting to know that the designer of the entrance of Saadiyeh is the French architect of Hafiziyah, Andre Godard, and he designed a beautiful welcome for this mausoleum.

Address: Delgosha Crossroad, Bostan Blvd., near Delgosha Garden and Kohistan Park

Visiting hours: 8 am to 10 pm

Sadia’s location on Google Map

11. Koran Gate, welcome to Shiraz

The beginning of the sightseeing places of Shiraz starts with the Qur’an Gate and this historical structure welcomes travelers in the northeast of the city. The historical Qur’an gate is the surviving of the total of 6 gates of Shiraz, which was built during the time of “Azd al-Dawla Deilmi”, one of the emirs of the Al-Buyeh dynasty. It is said that a Quran was placed at the head of this gate by his order so that the city’s residents and travelers would reach their destination safely under the protection of God.

Quran Gate

With the rebuilding of the building during the time of Karim Khan Zand, two volumes of the Quran were moved to the chamber above the structure. The verses of these Qurans were written with the art of calligraphy by one of the princes of the Timurid artist named “Sultan Ibrahim bin Shahrukh Timuri” and these exquisite Qurans are now located in the treasure of historical works of Pars Museum. Hafiziya and Jahannama Garden are among the sights of Shiraz around the Koran Gate. Also, the tomb of Khajovi Kermani, one of the other famous places in Shiraz, is located a few meters from this gate.

Address: Shiraz-Maroodasht freeway, Imam Reza Blvd., Shiraz city entrance

Visiting hours: 24 hours a day

The location of the Koran Gate on Google Map

12. Shahcheragh, the royal peace of Shiraz

Shahcheragh is one of the famous sights of Shiraz and one of the most famous religious attractions in Iran. Travelers of Shiraz do not leave the city without going to this royal palace and spend a few hours in the peace of this court. Shahcharagh is the tomb of the brothers of the 8th Imam of Shiites, Reza (a.s.), and this is a reason for the high value of this shrine among the people of Shiraz and the travelers of the city.

The main tomb of Shahcheragh is the tomb of “Ahmed bin Musa”, the eldest son of the 7th Imam, and his younger brother is buried in the northeast side of it. In Shahcheragh, you will see authentic Iranian and Islamic architecture and enjoy the elegance of the art of tile work and mirror work in this building.

The dome of Shahcharagh will make you forget its beauty and you will not get enough of watching the colors of blue, turquoise, azure, black, white, yellow and gold tiles in it. Two tall garlands complete the beauty of this dome.

Shahcheragh is one of the famous places in Shiraz

As soon as you enter the shrine, you will notice the elegance of the art of mirroring and the impressive reflection of light in this spiritual space. The use of colored glass has made this attraction more spectacular and also the art of tiling has given the interior of the shrine a beautiful color. Around the tiles and mirrors, you can see sentences in Arabic and Persian that add to the beauty of the collection. The holy shrine is placed under the dome, with a body of silver, and it shines like a diamond in the play of light and mirrors on the ceiling and wall of the shrine.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., Dastghib Blvd., 9 D St

Visiting hours: 24 hours a day

Location of Shahcheragh on Google Map

13. The mausoleum of Seyyed Mir Mohammad, in the neighborhood of Baradar’s tomb

Seyyed Mir Mohammad Mausoleum is another religious building in the sightseeing places of Shiraz, which is the younger son of the 7th Imam of Muslims. This blessed tomb is located in Shahcheragh complex of Shiraz, in the neighborhood of Baradar tomb.

Seyyed Mirmohammed’s mausoleum

Pilgrims of this Shahcheragh tomb do not leave this court without visiting Seyyed Mir Mohammad’s tomb. The mausoleum of Seyyed Mir Mohammad and the tomb of his brother, Ahmad Bin Musi, have turned the pilgrimage complex of Shahcheragh into one of the religious and tourist attractions in Shiraz. The architecture of the large porch of this tomb with four columns is very beautiful and spectacular, and its dome is decorated with the art of tiling.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., Dastghib Blvd., 9 D St

Visiting hours: 24 hours a day

14. Tomb of Imamzadeh Ali bin Hamzah

Another sight-seeing place in Shiraz, with a religious and mystical atmosphere, is located in the south of Hafez Street. The tomb of Imamzadeh Ali bin Hamzeh is another building ordered by Azdal Doulah Deilmi, built in the Deilmian period.

Tomb of Imamzadeh Ali Bin Hamzah

This building is located near the Quran Gate and it takes about half an hour to reach this tomb from the main gate of the city. This mausoleum was restored in the following periods such as Timurid, Zandiye and Pahlavi, and now it is located in one of the most pleasant areas of Shiraz with a large courtyard and tall trees. The special decorations of Iranian architecture, such as mirror work, tile work, plastering and inlaying of wooden doors, are spectacular in this tomb.

Address: south of Darwaz Koran, Hafez St., next to Ali Bin Hamzeh Bridge

Visiting hours: 12 noon to 12 midnight

The location of Imamzadeh Ali bin Hamzeh tomb on Google Map

15. Vakil Mosque, one of the famous places in Shiraz

Vakil Mosque, or Soltani Mosque, is one of the historical buildings among the sights of Shiraz and has been prominent in this city since the time of Zandiyeh until today. Two other historical monuments are a few meters away from Vakil Mosque It is located and has the same name. The Vakil market is located in the east of the mosque, in the row of Shamshirgars, and also the historical Vakil bath is located in the north of this mosque.

Vakil Mosque is one of the famous places in Shiraz

Colorful tilings, roof arch and 48 stone pillars and spiral nave have made this mosque a special and spectacular building. There are different parts such as corridor, courtyard, two north and south porches, two south and east naves, a marble altar, arches and entrance gates in this great mosque.

Address: Taleghani St., between Zand underpass and Lotfali Khan Zand St

Visiting hours: 8:30 am to 9:30 pm

Address of Vakil Mosque on Google Map

Sightseeing in the museums of Shiraz

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16. Hamam Vakil, unique paintings

Among the buildings of the Zandiye period, which was built by the order of Karim Khan, Hammam Vakil is a masterpiece of traditional Iranian architecture and is very famous and popular among the sights of Shiraz. Karim Khan Zand had a great contribution to the development of Shiraz and many historical buildings that we see in Shiraz today are the result of this king’s rule.

All these historical buildings, including Hammam Vakil, which was built by the order of Vakil al-Raya, are considered an architectural masterpiece in their own way. Vakil’s bathroom will blow your mind with the art of lime carving and painting, and it is not the only type of architecture and decorations that have made this bathroom spectacular; The intelligent and modern design of the structure prevents heat from escaping and cold from entering the bathroom.

Vakil Bath

Iranian traditional architects had an interesting solution to preserve heat and made the main entrance of the bathroom small. People had to pass through this entrance and reach a covered space with the help of a gentle ramp. This part was not on the same level as the floor, and after passing through it, people would reach the dressing room through a hallway and enter this part through its angled entrance, which was another measure to preserve heat.

The octagonal surface of the dressing room is beautifully decorated with eight columns, a basin, beautiful arches and a platform. Among other parts of Vakil’s bathroom, we can mention the hot room, which was the main space of the bathroom for washing. The royal parts of the treasury are located around the greenhouse. The part of Shahneshin is very beautiful and it is an attractive subject of photography among the sightseeing places of Shiraz. In Shirazgardi, you will enjoy the adventure in the lawyer’s bath and watching this fascinating museum.

Address: Taleghani St., between Zand underpass and Lotfali Khan Zand St., next to Vakil Mosque

Visiting hours: 9 am to 9 pm

Location of Hamam Vakil on Google Map

17. Vakil reservoir, an adventure in the water museum

The third building from the Vakil collection in Shiraz, ordered by Karim Khan Zand, is the Vakil Reservoir. Today, this precious historical work has become a water museum and one of the sights of Shiraz, and it is located in the east of Shahrdari Square and 500 meters northeast of Vakil Mosque.

Vakil Reservoir is one of the famous places in Shiraz

In this Karimkhani Reservoir, you can see the replicas of various historical water structures and learn about how traditional water engineering was done in the past. This reservoir includes a row of long stairs, a tank and traditional arches. Also, a brick wind deflector with Karimkhani citadel-style decorations can be seen in the upper part of this reservoir. This wind deflector, along with the water stored in the reservoir, has become a cooler on hot days.

Address: East of Shahada Square, at the end of Taleghani St., after Zar Gozer Zand, near Abu Zar Park

Visiting hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Vakil reservoir address on Google Map

18. Lawyer market, watch history and business

Vakil complex is complete with Vakil market in the center of Shiraz and neighborhood with mosque and bath. This bazaar was also built by the order of Karim Khan and until today it is considered an important trade center of the city in the traditional context of Shiraz. Vakil Bazaar is one of the most popular places to visit in Shiraz for those who love shopping.

Take a walk in the traditional texture of the Shiraz bazaar, explore this market cell by cell and enjoy the historical architecture of this market. According to many, the idea of building Vakil Bazaar by Karim Khan comes from the architecture of “Qaysariyeh Bazaar” in the city of “Lar” which was built by “Shah Abbas”.

Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz

You can buy delicious souvenirs of Fars province such as Shirazi muscat, Lari halva, Fasa rice bread, etc. in Chaharsouk Bazar. Rugs, rugs and hand-woven carpets are popular handicrafts of the nomads whose designs and colors will fascinate you. Also, colorful fabrics with various traditional and nomadic designs are waiting for you in Shamshirgarha market. Inlaying, inlaying, pen making, copper and silver dishes, local clothes, herbal teas, etc. are among the other products of this traditional market.

Zandiyeh Hotel, Shiraz

Karim Khan Hotel, Shiraz

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Elise Hotel Shiraz

Shiraz Citadel Hotel

Vakil traditional hotel


Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., southeast of Shahrdari Square


Visiting hours: Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 9 pm

Bazar Vakil address on Google Map

19. Zinat al-Molk house, a Qajar building in Shiraz

Another sightseeing place in Shiraz should be found on Lotf Ali Khan street and near Narenjestan. The house of Zaint al-Molk is one of the remaining buildings from the Qajar period, which was built with the traditional architecture of this period.

Zaint al-Mulk house is one of the famous places in Shiraz

This house was built on the west side of Narenjestan Garden of Qawam by “Ali Mohammad Khan Qawamul-Molk II” in 1290 AH, which was finally completed in 1302 by “Mohammed Reza Khan Qawam-ul-Molk III”. Zeint al-Molk, the daughter of Qavam al-Molk IV, lived in this house and this work is named after her.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., after Zainabieh Blvd

Visiting hours: 8 am to 7 pm

The address of Zaint al-Molk house on Google Map

20. Karim Khan Citadel, the seat of the Zandiyeh royal family

Karim Khan Citadel is one of the most important The historical monuments of Shiraz, which are left from the beautiful architecture of the Zandiye period in this city. This historical building was the residence of the royal family during the reign of Zandiyeh, and now its name can be seen in the list of national monuments. Karim Khan Citadel stands out in the northeast of Shahada Square with its tall walls and towers, and it can be considered as the illustrated history of Shiraz from the time of Zandiyeh.

Karim Khan Citadel is one of the must-see places in Shiraz

The interesting point of Karim Khan Citadel architecture is the combination of residential and military architectural elements. Sections such as porches, rooms, gardens, and water features are reminiscent of a residential building; But on the other hand, the four tall guard towers that protect the castle in four directions, as well as the tall brick walls that surround this building, have turned the citadel into a military base.

One of the spectacular parts of this building is the citadel bath, which is built in the style of traditional Iranian baths and includes a shower, platforms, a basin, a treasury, etc. Do not miss the adventure in this historical attraction during the Shiraz tour days.

Address: Northeast of Shahada Square, Hijrat Blvd

Visiting hours: 9 am to 10 pm

Location of Karim Khan Citadel on Google Map

21. Khan School

Khan School is another sight to see in Shiraz, which, like most of the attractions of this city, has a flavor of history. This building was built during the time of Shah Abbas Safavi and is considered one of the centers of learning in this era.

Khan School

The Khan School was built with the help of “Allahvardi Khan Gurji”, the ruler of Fars during the Safavid period, and also with the son of this warlord. Philosophy and jurisprudence are one of the main subjects taught in this scientific center, and “Malasadra”, an Iranian Muslim philosopher, worked in this school at the invitation of Allahvardi Khan Gurji. Literature, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, geometry, geology, and botany are other important scientific subjects that were taught in Khan School in addition to jurisprudence.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., south of Shahada, not reaching Taleghani St

Visiting hours: from 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

Location of Khan School on Google Map

22. The ancient mosque of Shiraz

One of the most important tourist attractions of Shiraz is the old mosque of this city. A building emerging from the heart of history, which in every historical period, the ruling congregation of the time has confiscated that place in its name. Atiq Mosque is one of the most important historical buildings in Shiraz. An old and spectacular building whose construction dates back to the period of Amr Laith Safari. If you are a fan of storytelling and mythology, this mosque has a great history and close history that is worth reading. I suggest you visit Jame Atiq Mosque, which is really one of the sights of Shiraz.

The ancient mosque of Shiraz

Location of Atiq Mosque on Google Map

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