Nature of Kandelous

kandelous is a meeting place for nature and history lovers

طبیعت کندلوس


The pleasant climate of Kendallus nature and mineral water springs have given a special glory and charm to Kendallus village. In addition to natural attractions, the existence of two museums of anthropology and medicinal plants has also contributed to the fame of Kendalls.
In the village of Kendallus, which has a warm and hospitable people, the “Kendallus Cultural Complex” on two floors and 400 meters of infrastructure, is beautifully built on the mountainside.
Every viewer who enters the nature of Kendallus, at the first moment, sees an inscription that explains the motivation for the establishment of this collection and is considered as a certificate of introduction of the ancient objects of the village.
Kendallus cultural complex has been built with the intention of spreading the original and indigenous culture of the region, with the design of engineers and the help of the villagers.
Pictures of the beautiful nature of Kendalls