Kandelous Tourism Complex

Kandelous Tourism Complex

Kandelous Tourism Complex:

Jahangiri Tourist and Cultural Complex is one of the excellent attractions of Mazandaran, which is part of Nowshahr. This tourist place contains special amenities and tourism…


Kandelous village in the foothills of the Central Alborz Mountains is the most attractive tourist village in northern Iran. Above the village of Kendalls, the Kendalls Cultural Complex has been set up to introduce the unique art and culture of the people of northern Iran to all the people of the world for thousands of years.

Kendallus Cultural Complex is the only private rural museum in Iran and is ready to serve all lovers of nature and history with facilities

such as Kendallus restaurant, traditional Kendallus guest house and health shop.

Kandelous Tourism Complex

What the founder of Kandelous Cultural Complex says about his museum:

“The museum and cultural complex of the village, which was the fruit of my old and long-standing love throughout my childhood and youth, and which intended to show Kandelous as a model village among the green and fertile villages of Iran, also contained historical treasures. As obvious documents of the stories of our kind and sincere ancestors, all of which have been transferred to the newly built complex, the construction of this complex began in 1980 and ended in 1988 for eight years.

I have loved my hometown of Kendall since I knew myself and the environment in which I lived. I loved the fertile land, the lush waters of its springs, the greenery of its trees and forests, its pleasant nature and healthy air, the enchanting songs of nightingales and wild birds, and everything connected to this fertile region. Which was the source of love in my thoughts and took me to dreams.

Kandelous dream

I spent my childhood in this area in such conditions until I reached the peak of my youth. At that age, I wished that everyone like me loved Kendalls and became acquainted with historical remains, pottery, handicrafts and everything related to it. I am sorry that the glory of all its beauty and innocence is forgotten.

Kandelous Tourism Complex

Kandelous Tourism Complex

I remember well that, motivated by such love and desire, I hung the traditional tools and local clothes of the villagers away from my father’s eyes and on the wall of the damp and dark closet of our house to avoid complaining. And blaming my mother, I founded this most innocent and unknown rural museum. However, the first step was taken. From then until today, even while I have been studying abroad, this love has ignited from my whole being.

This collection, which has the traces of my love in every corner and is an expressive page from the diary of my childhood, youth and adulthood, belongs to the honorable people of Iran, and everywhere it expresses silence but the style of the secrets of the past. To its visitors. ”

Kandelous Tourism Activities:

Every year more than thousands of people come to visit Kendalls and its facilities. People who come to visit this complex and its facilities can stay overnight in Kendall Hotel or its VIP hotels and experience the unique taste of local food in Kendall Restaurant.

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Concerts and ceremonies are held throughout the year, and tours are arranged for those who prefer social travel. Contact us for the next tour schedule. In the village, not only the very convenient facilities of the complex, but also its magnificent nature, has turned the village into a unique historical meeting place for nature deodorants. In Kendalls you can visit the historical museum, plant farms, traditional guest houses and many other places of interest.

Kendall’s Restaurant, which serves local as well as casual food

Hunting experience in Kandelous:

For hunting lovers, a special VIP arrangement can be created for special guests to experience an uniquely exciting hunting trip on wild mountain slopes. Many foreign tourists join us throughout the year for this unique experience. This area is known for its wild boar, deer, rabbit and many other animals belonging to this part of Iran’s natural life.

Kandelous Aid Foundation:

In 1981, a non-profit organization was established with the aim of helping the needy and creating facilities for the villages of Kojoor region. KHF has been able to attract many members over the years and has achieved many goals. These goals have been achieved through private organ donation foundations. Some of the highlights of these achievements are: bringing electricity to seven villages in the Kojoor area, bringing roads and telephone lines to all Kojoor villages, establishing schools and hospitals, as well as many private donations to the public.

Jahangiri Cultural Complex:

JCC was established by the founder of the Kendall Museum to preserve the culture and folklore of the people of northern Iran, especially in Kojoor province. In this regard, Dr. Jahangiri personally published more than ten books to preserve the culture and stories of this region. In addition, all the traditional melodies and songs of the region have been collected and reconstructed by him. These melodies can be found on six different cassette tapes and CDs in Kendalls stores.

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