Everything about Fathabad Garden, Kerman

Everything about Fathabad Garden, Kerman

Everything about Fathabad Garden, Kerman : Asia, Iran, West Asia, Kerman, avatar, take a picture, let’s go on a trip, August 15, 1401, 0333

Iranian gardens are one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Iran, which attracts many tourists to different provinces of Iran every year in addition to domestic tourists. Kerman province is one of these provinces where there are gardens.

Everything about Fathabad Garden, Kerman
Everything about Fathabad Garden, Kerman

   Everything about Fathabad Garden, Kerman

The climate of Kerman is hot, but those who designed Iranian gardens in the past are so creative that they create lush gardens by managing the water of the streams. The Fathabad garden is one of the most beautiful Iranian gardens, which was preserved from the Qajar era and is now becoming one of the tourist spots in Kerman province. Bezen Barim Safar in this article intends to introduce you to this beautiful historical garden and provide you with the information you need to visit this garden.

Getting to know Fathabad garden in Kerman

Fathabad Garden, which is also known as Biglerbigi Mansion, was built during the time of Fazl Ali Khan Qarabaghi, nicknamed Biglerbigi. He was one of the rulers of Kerman during the Qajar era, who founded the Fathabad Garden in Kerman in 1216 to 1218 AH.

His son continued the construction of the garden during the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar, and finally, after five years, the construction of this garden was finished. It is said that the garden of Prince Mahan, which has world fame, was also modeled after this garden.

The beauty of this garden was so much that other rulers of Kerman wanted to buy it from its owner, for example Abdul Hossein Mirza, one of the rulers of Kerman offered to buy the property to the owner of the garden, but he convinced him and failed to buy.

Getting to know Fathabad garden in Kerman
Getting to know Fathabad garden in Kerman

For many years, the owners of this mansion did not sell it to anyone. Finally, when the garden came to Rostam Khan Amiri due to the disputes that his family had regarding the division of the garden, he decided to endow it so that both the disputes would subside and the cost and responsibility of maintaining the garden would be removed from his shoulders. This endowment happened in 1352 AH.

Recreation has been done in this garden with beautiful lighting, which makes this amazing park show itself not only during the day but also at night. In 1381, this garden was added to the list of national works of Iran.

Fathabadi Garden, Kerman

Details of Fathabad garden
Details of Fathabad garden

Fathabad garden in Kerman has 13 areas and its building base is 1500 meters. This garden includes different parts, which include: the main building of the garden, the museum of governors, the drawing room, the four seasons mansion, the southern buildings of the main mansion, medicinal plants and the outside environment.

Introduction of different parts of Fathabad garden

A list showing the highest Abad Bagh Fatah has sections that visitors can visit. In the following, it introduces each of these sections.

In the Fathabad mansion, there is a large primary pond, and if you look carefully inside, you can see the main mansion beautifully on the water of the pond. This mansion has two floors and is located at the end of the northern garden. Among the beauties inside the building, we can mention the plaster work done by skilled masters.

On both sides of the building, arches and rooms with three and five doors have been built. The materials used in this building are raw clay and mud mortar, which are covered with a layer of plaster. One of the wonders of these openings are located above the entrance of the main building.

Governors Museum

The Governors Museum is actually a room where you can view and study pictures and biographies of the former rulers of Kerman.

Drawing room

This room used to be the residence of the ruler of Kerman before it was turned into a place to display exquisite paintings.

Four seasons mansion

The Four Seasons mansion is 30 meters away from the main mansion and is located in its east. This mansion has one floor and a central dome with pillared porches on which beautiful brickwork and plasterwork have been done.

The water pond, which is located in the middle of the garden and is fed by the water of the aqueduct, has given a special purity to the garden of Fathabad. When water occurs in Kerman province, it also affects this pond and the trees in the garden dry up. This incident caused the then ruler of Kerman to build Shazdeh Mahan Garden of Kerman, following the example of Fathabad Garden.

Plantation lands for herbal medicines

Another part of this garden was the land used for growing plants. Herbal medicines of Kerman province are famous and even considered as souvenirs of this province. The variety of medicinal plants planted in Fatehabad garden is high and few gardens in the world have seen such diversity.

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Restoration of Fathabad garden in Kerman

Fathabad garden had turned into ruins at one time and even thugs and drug addicts used to gather there. After visiting this garden, Standard Kerman gave a special order to build and restore this building. After the measures were taken, Fathabad garden became one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran.

The work that was done to restore this garden included strengthening the entire building, stabilizing the columns, fixing the foundation, styling the roof, restoring the spilled space, restoring the ponds and designing the water features. Finally, after the restoration of this garden, in 1394, Fathabad garden was opened for the public to visit.

Fathabadi Garden, Kerman

Fathabad garden facilities

There are facilities for visitors in Fathabad garden. Restaurant, tea house and pantry are part of these facilities. You can in this garden all kinds Prepare herbs, medicinal and aromatic herbs, Kermani Falodeh and traditional ice cream and all kinds of food.

In the area of Fatehabad garden, there are chairs that you can sit on and enjoy the open space. Seminars, official and business meetings, family parties, student parties, birthday parties, etc. can also be held in this building.

The best time to visit Fatehabad garden

May and June are the best time to visit Fatehabad garden in terms of weather. In addition to this, the cold season is also a good time to visit this garden if you can tolerate the cold, especially when the snow covers the entire garden and makes it white.

Fathabadi Garden, Kerman

Address and access point of Fathabad Garden, Kerman

Fathabad Garden is located in Kerman province and 25 km from Kerman city center. It is easy to access this garden from inside Kerman, first you have to go to Jumuri Boulevard and then to Havaniroz Boulevard and after crossing this boulevard you will see Fateh Abad Garden.

In addition to their unique beauty, Iranian gardens are also a part of our identity as Iranians. For this reason, when we are in these places, we should do our best to preserve and maintain them. If you have visited Fathabad garden before, share your experiences with users.

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