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The Lost Paradise of Kandelous

The flowers and plants of the crystal valley of Kandelous were dressed in green clothes for Nowruz, so that they would be lost in this paradise with the people of the heart of the mirror and with the purity of Kendallus. Today, the reputation of Kandelous has passed through Mazandaran and has become one of the tourism hubs of Iran and the world. .

A piece of poetry by Dr. Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani, whom I had the honor of hosting in Kandelous.

                      بنیاد جهانگیری

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...Behnam Amiri

Beautiful place If you want to go to this spectacular place, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. The village is beautiful The museum is very beautiful, especially when it has a very beautiful view. Although I am not from the museum, I think it was very beautiful.

...sara bahrami

The village is very good and green, especially inside the village, there is a museum, restaurant and store of medicinal plants. We were in this beautiful village for a few days and we had a lot of fun. I suggest you visit the museum if you go. .

...soheil rezaei

It's amazing, I went to this village a lot, be sure to go I went to this village once and took a picture at that very hour we took. Cool place I went in the summer was very cool.

...farzane ahmadi

Before you reach the village of Kendallus itself, there is a place like a factory. Of course, it is much smaller and has Kendall products. Most of them, as far as I remember, are healthy.