Overseas Market


Currently Kandelous Agr. Co. has three authorized representatives around the world and with sales to countries such as Germany, U.A.E, Macedonia, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Austria and Australia. Our sales overseas, has placed us among the top ranking exporters in our field. Besides our sales agent we have exclusive agents in U.A.E. Macedonia and Germany.

Other than three companies mentioned above, if you are interested to become our agent please contact our head office or one of our agents mentioned above if you are contacted from their neighboring countries.


Talween Trading Co.

P.O.Box 42602, Dubai, U.A.E.

Contact: Mr. Kasra Jahangiri-Director or Mr. Ali Sultan-Office Manager

Tel: +971-50-6943503



Elemex Co.

Schorne Str. 21

Essen  B-54332

Contact: Md. Soheila Poustchi

Tel: +49-174-6631023


Macedonia, Skopje

Konkar 1 S.E. Co.

Lokal: 22, ul, Ivo lola Ribar  91000

Contact:  Mr. George Tozija



Tehran-Head OfficeKandelous Agr. Co.
No.30, 7th Tir Sq.
Tehran, 15859
Tel: 021-8843402,3,4