Kandelous Agr. Co. At a Glance

Kandelous Agro industrial Complex as the meeting place for culture , nature and science is proud to be pioneer in reconciliation of man with nature and natural way of life .
The complex lies on the slopes of the gracious central Alborz mountains . The area while being the most intact and unpolluted environment is the richest , from the point of herbal flora and thus is the living place of most of the 8500 known species of plants in IRAN .
The company was founded in 1365 (1985) and soon expanded so that today is the leading company of its kind in middle East and has been chosen by the ministry of industries as the superior model company of the year 1377 (1998) .
Most of activities is initiated in the Research and development section of the company which enjoys the approval of Iranian Ministry of Industry , this however is based on the companies scientific methods of activity and co operation of highly qualified perssonel of various specialities .
Kandelous Agricultural complex is engaged in diverse activities as follows

1 Cultivation & Collection

Cultivation of more that 200 species of genetically verified types in a Botanical Garden with area of Acres is carried out . The required herbs for larger scale production are transferred and cultivated in farms with total area of more the 100 Acres .
The plant species have been chosen according to their compatibility with environment and the level of the active ingredients . All the plants are grown organically in K.A.C without utilization of artificial fertilizers and biocides and also hundreds of Medicinal herbs are available in this area for collecting .
Parts of the herbs thus produced is processed and packed according to modern methods for direct consumption by the consumer to take advantage of their known properties as flavors , condiments, teas , in confectionaries , herbal medicine , etc .

A view of Kandelous Medicinal Herb Farm

2 Essential oil production

the Essential oils obtained mainly by steam distillation of organically cultivated plants .
the oils thus obtained are %100 natural and pure with no chemicals and additives added .
the quality of oils produced is verified by modern quality control methods and the specification of products are according to international standards . Like the herb business in the field of Essential oil production and marketing , the company has serious intention to make a fast progress and in doing so has succeeded export of herbs and oils to Canada ,USA,U.A.E, Germany , etc .

3 Herbal Extracts

oil water , Ethanol and polyol extracts are produced in K.A.C. according to international and pharmacopoiea standards . These are utilized in producing other products of K.A.C. and part of it is provided to cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries .

4 Food

Herbs , essential oils and extracts are all utilized in production of various food products such as pizza powders , flavours , candies , candies , beverages , mint tablets etc . by K.A.C. formulation of the above mentioned products are based on natural ingredients and production is licenced by iranian ministry of health . These products are consumed locally and are also Exported abroad .

5 Hygienic and cosmetics

production of creams , gels , mouthwash , deodorizers , air fresheners , shampoos and ect. Based on natural herbal extracts and oils is being carried out in K.A.C. ,
The high quality products have found widespread acceptance and therefore rapid expansion of this line of production is currently in our agenda .

6 Phytopharmacy

K.A.C. is also active in production of phyto pharmaceuticals according to accepted international standards . These include forms containing the
The herbs or their extracts.
Believing in the healing power of herbs and natural medicines and their lower side effects comparing with their chemical counterparts, expansion of the line of production is intended and hence we would welcome any suggestion for joint venture , by back, sale of know how , or any other forms of transaction in this regard.

7 Cultural Activities

The northern part of Iran including Kojour region and its suburbs enjoy many art and cultural treasures . To create an indication of the ancient history of the region and talents and thoughts of the people the company invested in creating a rustic museum and cultural complex which is perhaps the only anthropological center in the country which exhibits valuable rural artistic and cultural works and unique historical documents . This complex has attracted many tourists and visitors from all over the world .
Our cultural activity also includes publication of books covering diverse subjects in history , art, sciences, literature and etc .
Further information in this regard is available in many booklets which would be gladly submitted upon request .


Kandelous Village is located:

20 Kilometers before Chalous on Chalous road, Take a right on the sign and drive 42 kilometers into Kojour. Last village would be Kandelous.


Map Of Kandelous Village. Village is located at bottom right cornet of the map.