Investor Relations


Dear Potential Investor,

This is with pleasure to introduce our company, Kandeous Agricultural Co. Enclosed you will find a general overview of our company and its line of products and activities. Kandelous Agr. Co. is the largest producer of organically produced medicinal herbs, oils, cosmetic and hygienic products from natural sources in the Middle East. Kandelous Agr. Co. has seven authorized representatives around the world and with sales to countries such as Germany, U.A.E, Macedonia, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Austria and Australia is placed as one of the major exporter of herbs, oils and finished products globally.
With total assets exceeding USD 5 Million and factories in two areas of Iran, Kandelous is looking for a potential foreign investor for a possible joint venture. This joint venture will be in production of new products that will be introduced to both KACís Iranian and overseas markets. These products are currently under research in KACís laboratories and are ready to reach the market.
The estimated funds needed for these projects are about USD 1 Million and will include products such as the followings:
1- Kandelous Herbal Tea Bags in nine different fruit flavors.
2- Kandelous Herbal Carbonated Soft Drinks in eight different herbal flavors.
3- Sun Dried Tomato and Tomato Powder which will be used as tomato paste.
4- Kandelous Health Mixture.

For detailed information and more comprehensive information please not hesitate to contact our head office at:

Kandelous Agr. Co.
No.30, 7th Tir Sq.
Tehran, 15859
Tel: 021-8843402,3,4
Mr. Kasra Jahangiri- Deputy Director